Engaging workforce, empowering teams and enlightening management linked to employees, products and processes

Manufacturing Intelligence (MIM)

Produce powerful manufacturing intelligence reports to understand labour and machine productivity, production efficiency and all-round performance and utilisation.

Customer Management System (CMS)

Manage custom orders with detailed designs and specifications, track non-conformance and change requests and view the entire audit trail at the touch of a button.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking helps you improve inventory management and ensures that you have optimal stock available to fulfil orders. Improving accuracy, reducing costs, saving time, improving Business Planning and improving Customer Service.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Track people product and process to connect, analyse, adapt and evolve the manufacturing process. Our tracking and execution system takes all the demand and production data and makes it available instantly to the production and shop floor teams.

Shop-Floor Interface

Select from a range of purpose designed interfaces that best suit your working environment and run on any web enabled device.

Resource Management (RMM) - Digital Factory

Create a full digital representation of your plant, enabling management of people, machines, tools, shifts and work centres.

Planning & Scheduling

Make complex scheduling decisions based on, real-time datasets, and move from expediting to a 100% agile planning and scheduling process.

Business Integration (BIM)

Take what works from your current business systems and connect the data across your organisation. Link Accounts, CRM, CAD, Excel, Web Order, ERP and many more.

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