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A Chief Engineer of Siemens came to TotalControlPro™ – after previous Work In Motion studies had identified challenges in their work flow and production systems. What they needed was real time eyes on the production process and live reporting information. “They knew that some of the employees were producing considerable more than others, they just didn’t know who or what was enabling this and therefore couldn’t reliably recreate it across the production facility.”

Challenge 1 - As each job was multi part and multi employee they needed to attribute part of each job to separate employees within a team.

Challenge 2 - There were different work team configurations and the production management wanted to assess which configuration was most productive.

Challenge 3 - Each job was labour and time intensive and span across shifts, so the team wanted to attribute time for each job part to different shift teams as well as individual employees. “On the shop floor they are literally soldering thousands of connections and thousands of pieces of wire with no real visibility of who was doing what and when”.

Keys to success

● TotalControlPro™ could be implemented into the factory easily and efficiently within the production budget.

● Seamless integration with Siemens in-house protocols and systems.

● Flexibility of scanning model allowed for adaptation for all different team working conditions.

● Scalability of the application enables expansion from trial to full service implementation.

“After just 4 weeks, we can clearly see that working one particular employee combination gives us increased productivity over the other, contrary to our assumption and expectation, saving us months of assessment and lost productivity” - Chief Engineer

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