Capture the Data That Builds Your Business

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What is TotalControlPro™?

TotalControlPro™ is an affordable, accessible & available production tracking system utilising cloud technology that puts you in control of your production facility, providing real time visibility to your entire enterprise. Increasing the profitability & productivity of your organisation. TotalControlPro™ also provides advanced planning capabilities to improve your demand forecasting, inventory planning and production planning processes.

Our TotalControlPro™ Manufacturing Platform turns obstacles into drivers for your digital expansion. 

Capture the Data That Builds Your Business

Our advanced, easy to use cloud-based system allows you to track all elements of the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and productivity.

Smarter Manufacturing for the Industry

Smarter Manufacturing puts people back in the centre of the manufacturing process, and empowers shop floor operations and data to drive Smarter decision making in all aspects of the manufacturing process.

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Total Control Pro

Services Total Control Pro Limited Provide

Engaging workforce, empowering teams and enlightening management linked to employees, products and processes

Manufacturing Intelligence Module (MIM)

The MI Module offers fully customisable reports and enables the Manufacturing Platform and third-party data to be combined to provide better context for manufacturing reports and insight to enable optimisation.

Customer Management System (CMS) Module

The CMS gives our customers the ability to manage all customer information relating to work orders in one place. One-touch re-ordering pushing straight to production scheduling. Manage and track non-conformance and change. Synchronise with Inventory

Inventory Module

Maintain stock visibility, gain live access to stock levels, costs, tracking information and much more using our inventory management. No more wasted hours on delayed sales orders due to stock uncertainty or repeat stock takes.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Our MES module provides complete real time shop floor data, organised smartly and communicated clearly so you may make smarter, faster and better decisions.

Shop-Floor Interface

Our Shop-Floor Interface removes paperwork from the production environment & digitises the process. Streamline the worker experience at every shop-floor station by unlocking access to live data connectivity between all areas of a production facility.

Resource Management Module (RMM)

The TotalControlPro™ Resource Management Module (RMM) provides full visibility and configuration of the parameters of your production plant.

Latest News

TotalControlPro™ has enabled us to establish the true cost per tyre produced, allowing us to make decisions based on big data.

- Fraser Flint, Production Manager at Kal Tire -

TotalControlPro™ has the ability to answer all of these with real-time feedback of valuable data” “… and allowed us to ensure accurate costings and remain competitive in an increasingly lean-priced market. (Electronics)

- Daniel Laverick, Production Manager, Mowden Controls​ -

Dolores Sanders is the founder of Total Control Pro Ltd, a data-sharing system helping to streamline small
businesses’ manufacturing processes. Whether it’s inspiring young students showing a passion for STEM, someone with the spark of an idea or an innovative business ready to be taken to the next level, the Women in Innovation 2019 campaign aims to drive long term and far-reaching change.

- Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award 2019 -

With the acquisition, it gives us a great vehicle to market TotalControlPro™ through and the ability to design and install data acquisition solutions, so I remain keen to progress this. (Manufacturing support)

- Richard Jeffers, RS Components -

The Total Control Pro Limited Team

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